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Successful projects since 2019


Collaboration options

to match your specific promotion strategy

Video banners created monthly


Creative Videos

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We make test versions of video banners
to find perfect match

15-30 video banners for one application.

You’ll be able to test banners from your end.

KPI: Payment for the result

You pay for:
Video banner + the achievement of key performance indicators, which we specify in advance

Results are not achieved

only fixed cost

Results are achieved

fixed cost + bonus payment

High performance results are achieved


fixed cost
+ extra bonus payment


Video banners for one application per month

Together with the client we approve the conditions for testing video banners (under which metrics will be collected: CPR, IR, IPM or another)

  • We use only our own unique ideas;
  • We give you only the final version of the banner (we do not share a raw version).

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