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At Constanta, we are a firm believer of the importance of agile software development, which is why we provide DevOps as a service. DevOps is a set of practices that shortens the system’s development time while providing constant high quality delivery through combining software development & IT operations.

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Why DevOps?

Technical benefits

Continious software delivery,
efficient problem solving.



Business benefits

Faster delivery, stable working environment.

Continuity benefits

Continuous deployment, testing,
monitoring & feedback




Cloud-powered DevOps

The centralized nature of cloud computing provides DevOps with a standard & centralized platform for testing, deployment & production. At Constanta, we set up your strategy by evaluating your current Devops map, modify your security systems, configure & Opt your cloud architecture, & finally switch the deployment automation to cloud to enhance quality & speed delivery.

Our Expertise


Assessment & Enablement

  • Requirements analysis
  • Technology selection
  • Setup & configuration
  • Support & optimization
  • Release management

Automation & Development

  • Code review
  • Code deployment
  • Continuous testing
  • Knowledge aggregation

Management & Update

  • Analysis
  • Adaptation & transition
  • Training & update

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