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  • Since 2013
  • 25+ brands in portfolio
  • We sell products in 45+ countries
  • 5 warehouses, 6 offices worldwide
  • Europe, Africa, USA, CIS, Middle East, Asia
  • 10 years on the Dubai market

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Constanta Group - а group consisting of five corporate values


The goal of our work is to increase the income of our clients. We offer them the best product because we respect them and value our relationship. We offer them a service that will help them make easier working processes and increase the profits.


People - one of the foundations of our success. People are our foundation and pride. We take care of everyone,listen to them and take into account their needs. As only fully realized and happy employees can bring maximum benefit to customers, society and the company.





In order to offer the best, we need to be in a constant flow of product changes, trends and knowledge to help organize the process in the most productive manner. The competent business processes make work more efficient and save time.


Time management helps you get more work done in a shorter amount of time. We are increasing our turnover, the number of tasks and challenges that make our lives interesting and dynamic.

Benefits to society

Every day we work to make the product more useful and ergonomic. We do not stand aside if someone needs our help. Every day we become stronger, which means we have the opportunity to help more, without expecting anything in return.

Always be moving forward!

Alexander Kuchko


General Trading:
Office 2808/25, Tameem House, Barsha Heights (Tecom), Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


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